Sometimes so little is required to have harmony… Straightforwardly about the role of lubricants in the intimate life of a couple

Almost every woman, at different stages of her life, comes across situations where lubricants should be used. Oksana Babula, gynaecologist, reproductologist, vaginal ecology specialist and homeopath, tells about intimate problems and different types of lubricants.

It is no secret that a woman and her partner are not always ready to have intercourse at the same time. In such cases, the mucosa can sustain microtrauma, causing discomfort and even mild pain during sex. Therefore, vaginal dryness sometimes becomes a serious problem for both partners. A condom – even a very thin one – causes more friction than skin; friction (movement of the penis inside the vagina) can cause microtrauma, even in a sufficiently moist mucous membrane.

To avoid problems with dryness during intercourse, the use of vaginal lubricants is recommended. Your gynaecologist or pharmacist will help you select them.

Water-based lubricants are the most popular – they moisturise the vaginal mucosa in a completely natural way. These lubricants can be safely used with condoms. They do not cause chemical reactions in the latex, therefore they do not damage the condom. Recommended for both partners.

Silicone-based lubricants form an excellent protective layer for the vaginal mucosa, furthermore, they are very economical as silicone is not absorbed in the skin and mucous membranes. These lubricants do not dry out, thus they glide on for a long time without the need to be reapplied at the most inopportune moment. Silicone lubricants are ideal for menopausal women and they are also suitable for use in the shower and swimming pool, since they are insoluble in water. These lubricants can be used with sex toys made of hard materials but are not recommended for use with silicone products.

Combination water- and silicone-based lubricants provide long-lasting moisturising. They form a protective layer over the vaginal mucosa, while being easily washed away with water. They do not stain underwear. Recommended for women with vaginal dryness, as well as during menopause.

Stimulating lubricants with arginine or red Sichuan pepper extract (Zanthalene) stimulate the clitoris and other erogenous zones by increasing sensitivity during intercourse. For maximum comfort, stimulating lubricant can be used in combination with your favourite water-based or silicone-based lubricant to create your own hybrid lubricant.

Lubricants with hyaluronic acid and hemp seed oil provide extra hydration. Hyaluronic acid is not actually an acid, it is a mucopolysaccharide, or simply put – a large sugar molecule. It is a natural lubricant for the vagina, skin, mucous membranes and joints and, therefore, rarely causes allergic reactions. The mechanism of action of hyaluronic acid is based on its hygroscopicity – its ability to hold 1,000 times its weight of water. Hemp oil is rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamins A, K, D, E, B, which possess excellent antioxidant, moisturising and wound-healing properties. The oil has a beneficial effect on the local immunity of intimate areas, thus improving the microflora and reducing the risk of inflammation. Recommended in the event of vaginal dryness, as well as for menopausal women.

To avoid dryness-related problems during intercourse, select the most appropriate lubricant for you. Do not be afraid to experiment. May you have many interesting, new sensations and amazing orgasms.

Adam&Eva lubricants with hyaluronic acid for extra hydration

“Adam & Eva Classic” water-based, with hyaluronic acid for extra hydration, fragrance-free, provides a natural lubricating sensation.

“Adam & Eva Natural” water-based, with natural aloe vera juice and hyaluronic acid – protects and gently cares for the sensitive skin of intimate areas.

“Adam & Eva Elite” Unique formula: water and silicone based – for long-lasting lubrication, especially suitable for menopausal women.

“Adam & Eva Sensation+Water-based, with hemp seed oil and red Sichuan pepper extract to enhance sensations during the intercourse. This gel has the invigorating, aphrodisiac aroma of Jenipapo (Genipa americana).